Several Simple Tips To Prevent Losing Hair In The Fall

Published: 02nd December 2008
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It's not a secret that all harmonic factors of the human body increase their pace when it's summer. Consequently, it is reasonable that your hair increases its growth summer as well. Still, after the dangerous effect of hot rays of summer your hair loses its glitter, it becomes pale and fragile, particularly on tips. Hence, the scalp and hair needs more care when the fall comes.

Because of dangerous influence of UV-rays, often washing and salty water, your hair drops out more rapidly when autumn begins than ever. If normal daily loss of hair is usually from 40 up to 70 hairs, when autumn comes the numbers are different - from 70 up to 120 hairs a day. Thus, you should care for your hair, if you don't want to face the problem of baldness. In order to prevent it it is preferable to discuss the problem with your physician in order to think over a unique program for treating hair loss particularly for your hair. But somehow or other, there are a number of well-known ways to regrow your hair at least in some way that can bring the desirable effect for almost everyone.

First, you should sacrifice some centimeters of your locks. Having cut off fragile tips that usually split and probably differ in color you will make your hair-do look rather good. When hair bulbs are in trouble, it will be much more simple for them to keep hair that is shorter and to feed it with vital nutritious elements and vitamins.

It is good to wash weak hair using a shampoo mixed with water, better mineral or boiled. On the whole, always try to wash your weak hair with boiled water, because hard tap water makes your hair dry along the full length in course of time. Well, almond, nettles, nut oil, burdock, shampoos are the best option for weak and dry hair. During grey autumn days you will find useful to wash out your brittle hair with beer mixed fifty-fifty with boiled water.

In case your hair is heavily overdried in summer, it is recommended to take 3 spoons of corn oil a day. It allows you to restore normal color and quality of your head-skin and hair. Masks with aloe, honey, fruits and vegetables, saline solution, work well for weakened hair.

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